Who We Are

We place an emphasis on trust and relationship rather than simple technical ability (although we pride ourselves on both.)

Since 2009 Shenandoah Valley IT has empowered our clients with the ability to improve the efficiency and reliability of their technology and IT infrastructures through the repair and maintenance of mission-critical technologies. With a less complicated, more agile IT infrastructure, our clients lose less time worrying about operational maintenance and can return their focus to simply doing business.

The key to our success has been twofold: first, by employing an invitation-only strategy to building our client base, we are able to guarantee top-quality work and customer satisfaction without over-extending our technicians. Second, we have adapted our business model to not only increase the number of services we offer, but to provide ways for our client’s employees to communicate directly with our technicians for real-time telephone and remote assistance on a number of technology issues. Thanks to this approach, service requests are resolved faster and managers are freed from having to keep track of myriad technical details for multiple workstations.

We represent a new generation of IT infrastructure management. Our goal isn't simply fixing computers, it's making your business better by focusing your technology resources on initiatives that deliver tangible value.

With Shenandoah Valley IT your business is our priority!

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Why choose us?

Budgetable Cost

With a cap on monthly expenses your IT costs become significantly more predictable and provide measurable, long-term savings over the installation of a full-time employee. As your full-service provider we manage your IT operations, focusing on quality and operational excellence, while offering highly competitive pricing. You retain control over your IT strategies and benefit from reduced operating costs and risks.

Business Savvy

IT advancements are made everyday, therefore it is increasingly critical that your systems are closely aligned with the demands of your day-to-day business operations. We understand the on-going operational concerns our clients face such as return on investment, cost management, and maximized productivity. Likewise, we understand the necessity of balancing your existing needs with those you’ll be facing as your company evolves. Our support service makes it possible for your business to move forward with confidence on tasks related to expansion, relocation, restructuring, and any new IT projects you’ve got in mind.

An Empowered Workforce

With a regular service schedule, your staff knows when our technicians are coming in, meaning that questions and complaints can be addressed much more quickly. Our team helps your employees take advantage of new technologies that boost your business’s competitive advantage. At the same time, we help you utilize your existing investments by providing equipment upkeep and basic user training. The result is a less complicated, more reliable, and more agile IT infrastructure.