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The world’s best athletes know they can’t rest once they have reached the top. Championship teams are built on a driven, unified goal to move forward and achieve. Successful businesses leverage this same competitive drive to break barriers and increase profits. As humans, we need to cultivate a sense of momentum in our lives, otherwise we stagnate and backslide. You wouldn’t run your company without wanting it to be better than it was yesterday, without that motivation your competition will become the trend-setters. Why not start by making improvements to the backbone of your company?

Early 1913 Ford assembly line

American dominance was built on automation. Industrial giant Henry Ford said, "Machines were devised not to do a man out of a job, but to take the heavy labor from a man's back and place it on the broad back of a machine." Ford was determined to build faster and more efficiently in order to fulfill his dream of putting a car into the hands of every citizen. In 1913, the installation of the first moving assembly line for automobiles reduced the time it took to build a car from more than twelve hours to less than three. Since then, automated factories with streamlined production have enjoyed increased profitability and a reduction in costly errors. Over a hundred years later, that same structure has changed the face of our tech lives. Modern computers are bigger, faster, and stronger than they ever have been. Unfortunately most businesses don’t apply their full capabilities because their mindsets are still stuck at the turn of the century when one person could perform only one task at time.

Automation: Fewer Mistakes, Faster Delivery
Automation reduces time lost to menial tasks and computer downtime practically disappears, allowing your top employees to not miss the opportunities that your company thrives on. You want your business to perform at top speed because fast isn’t fast enough anymore.

Modern 2018 Ford assembly line

Managed security services protect the data your business is built on and reduces or prevents compliance violations and loss. Ensuring your data and applications process faster allows your staff to work more efficiently and more productively. All operational considerations are supercharged by technology and give businesses large and small unprecedented opportunities to stand out as industry leaders.


On the other hand there are a multitude of ways that underutilized or badly functioning technology can hold you back. After all, even high-end performance cars can only drive so fast on a road riddled with potholes. While technology solutions continue to become smarter and more adaptable, the business decisions on implementing them will not. The key is figuring out how to harness these solutions to grow your business.

With so much potential at our fingertips, how does anyone decide on the best technology strategy to implement? That’s where a team of dedicated professionals like Shenandoah Valley IT should be brought in. We can help you determine the best balance of changes in culture, management processes and even employee mindsets to capture the full value of the opportunities provided by these new systems. All decision-making is based on your overall business goals and operational strategy. Only forward-thinking businesses determined to win will achieve their goals in the coming years. Are you one of them?

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