Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery


Small to medium sized businesses continue to be challenged by data protection. To many business owners data is considered to be a company's most valued asset.

With big data on the rise along with bring your own device (BYOD) policies and cloud computing, the challenge for businesses to protect their private data becomes increasingly difficult. Many businesses that haven’t effectively prepared for disastrous situations just cannot bounce back after a significant crisis. Upwards of 75{91176bd4fd9589997233ccd6c0d98c1f9718a9998f7592fa38d024af1f84a02a} of businesses fail within three years after a major disaster. Luckily for you research shows that companies with business continuity planning recover faster and more effectively after an emergency. We can help you build a plan that fits your business and help keep you safe. Our managed cloud backup solutions help protect you from the crippling effects of drive failures, crypto virus and unforeseen incidents that could cause data loss.

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The benefits of cloud backup

Scalable Pricing

Our flexible pricing model enables you to scale based on your needs cost-effectively. As you grow so does the amount of data you store and collect. Easily grow your storage needs to meet your business demands.

Protect Your Business

Natural disaster, cyber attacks, human error and technical malfunction are unavoidable, but you can safeguard yourself and your business from the devastating effects of data loss by investing in our cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Safe and Secure

We understand that your private data is valuable and should stay private. With our cloud based backup and disaster recovery solutions all data is encrypted and housed in either ISO-certified or SSAE- compliant data centers.