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An Intro To SVIT

We were elated to recently be given the opportunity for John to speak at CORE Dynamics in both Front Royal and Winchester. CORE is a fun, professional (yes, those words DO go together!) group of business people who meet every week to grow their businesses and build relationships with other local leaders. Since we strive to develop lasting relationships with our clients and help their businesses thrive, CORE's mission to grow and foster meaningful business relationships among its members meshes incredibly well with our own.

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Light-heartedly named "An Intro To SVIT", John's fifteen minute presentation gave these local professionals of many different specialties and levels of experience the opportunity to hear a brief history of our company, learn about our service offerings and discover how Shenandoah Valley IT gives our clients a competitive edge against their competition here in the city of Winchester and surrounding areas.

John explained that whether or not they realize it, almost every business in existence today relies on technology to function and their IT systems are becoming an increasingly critical component of their overall operations and profit streams. With that being the case, it's critical to know that Shenandoah Valley IT can make IT better for business operations, employees, and even customers by improving IT delivery and consequently boosting overall business performance. As an example of how IT can function as an asset, not simply a cost center, John demonstrated how a simple improvement in infrastructure speed saved the employees of one of our clients thirty minutes a day per workstation to ultimately add approximately $18,000 to their bottom line over a one year period. Who wouldn't want that kind of ROI?

When most people think of "IT companies" they assume we exist just to fix computers but we’re much more than that. We don’t just repair your technology when it goes down-- in fact, we work hard to ensure it DOESN'T go down-- we make businesses better by focusing their technology resources on initiatives that deliver tangible value and help companies thrive.

To learn more about John Habuda, read his bio! To discover what Shenandoah Valley IT can do to improve your business, contact us by phone (540) 346-4250 or email.

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To learn more about CORE Dynamics, visit their website at and consider attending one of the groups as a guest!

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