On-Site IT Support

Face-to-Face Contact With Computer Support Specialists

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Our breadth of technical expertise ensures that our on-site technicians are highly effective and can respond faster to common IT issues. Thanks to this, issues requiring on-site attention are dealt with in a timely manner.

Technology problems can't always be fixed remotely. For some things, such as network troubleshooting and any form of hardware set up, it's essential that one of our technicians spends some time on-site. Some of our clients appreciate this form of assistance because they prefer to maintain oversight of the work being done on their system. Others simply appreciate on-site work because the know that a hands-on familiarity with their business creates additional opportunities for a more forward-looking, proactive approach. These preferences aside, on-site services do require a degree of planning and appointment scheduling and response times vary depending your custom service plan. We work closely with you to ensure expectations are defined and met.

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The Benefits of On-Site IT Support

Full Spectrum Support

Office peripherals such as printers, phones, and faxes will benefit from the same expert attention as your PCs. Surveillance and server equipment will also receive regular health checks and tailored recommendations that ensure that you’re getting a maximized return on all IT investments, even older legacy equipment.

Increased Availability

Today’s increasingly complex mission-critical IT environments demand maximum uptime. To help meet this demand, our team of technicians are available every week performing repairs, routine checks, and bolstering systems security to optimize the performance of your infrastructure.

Familiar Faces with Zero Turnover

Lots of people feel more comfortable communicating face-to-face, instead of over the phone. With zero turnover since day one our technicians will help your staff establish good working relationships with our IT support. With a thorough knowledge of how your company works, we are able to better predict and prevent future issues.