John is the owner, IT manager and consultant at Shenandoah Valley IT. John’s primary responsibility is to lead his team towards their end goal of serving businesses in Northern Virginia. He achieves this by communicating with general managers and department heads to determine client needs, fulfilling parts orders and writing quotes, and coordinating major projects and daily tasks. John balances the needs of the team and the client and also sets the example for Shenandoah Valley IT's approach toward professional conduct and presentation.

John is an experienced and hard-working professional who specializes in developing and maintaining collaborative, consultative relationships with the top-level executives and management teams throughout an organization. He is well respected for his patience and level headedness while under pressure, his ability to present the features and benefits of new technologies or new processes in plain English, and his sharp focus on the unique pain points experienced by individual businesses. His respect for measurable ROI provides exceptional value to his executive clients and his attention to detail regarding solution utilization, backlog management/client communications, implementation and third-party liaison makes John and his team a great fit for many small and midsize businesses in both the Winchester area and beyond.

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